Do you need to sell your house/property within the next 7 - 28 days? If so, you have come to the right place for a guaranteed cash sale...and fast!
With no need for third party agents, dozens of viewings or protracted negotiations, UK PROPERTY BUYER will buy your house for cash, no matter where it is in the UK. For you, that means no sleepless nights and the ability to move on with your life quickly.
UK PROPERTY BUYER are helping home owners all over the country and are taking advantage of our fast, reliable service in fortunate and not so fortunate circumstances. Whilst their situations are unique, what our customers have in common is the need for a quick sale which avoids hefty estate agents' fees and lengthy processes which offer no guarantee.

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UK PROPERTY BUYER can help with the following examples:
Fast Hassle Free Sale
A guaranteed sale in as little as 7 - 28 days with no hassle and no fees to pay
To Stop a Repossession
Free up the cash to pay off your mortgage arrears, find somewhere else to live and avoid your home being sold at a rock bottom price
Financial Difficulties
Use the equity in your home to relieve you of the stress caused by mounting loans and unpaid credit card bills
Move on with your new life quickly and concentrate on your future
Inherited Property
Minimise the pain and hassle of selling the home of a departed loved one
Divorce or Separation
Divide up your assets with minimal fuss and acrimony and get ready to start afresh
Chain Breaking
Put an end to the stress, disappointment, delays and costs associated with broken chains
Ill Health
Take away your financial worries and free up the cash to pay for your treatment or simply concentrate on your recovery
Tired Landlords
Don't get stuck with buy-to-let properties that are sapping your resources
Dispense with the waiting and the hassle of trying to sell your home from abroad

Whatever your circumstances, UK PROPERTY BUYER aims to provide you with a fast, professional and personal service to ensure that you get the best price for your house without having to rely on the open market.
Working with your very own case handler, we will help you to find a fast, effective and tailor-made solution which will alleviate as much of the stress of selling as possible. With no fees to pay, no hassle and no time lost, you can simply put the past behind you and move on with your life!

  • No hidden fees or additional costs
  • Turn your property into cash within 7 days!
  • No hassle quotations
  • We pay and use our onsite solicitors