Frequently Asked Questions

Below mentioned are the most commonly asked question by people wishing to sell their houses quickly, try finding your answers down here.

The Mortgage Lenders have started Repossession proceedings against my property, what can be done now?

Don't Worry these proceedings can be stopped!!Yes, in some cases even up till the D-day (the day of repossession) the proceedings can be stopped. It is standard procedure wherein our lawyers will discuss with the Mortgage Lenders legal team and arrange for the loans to be repaid and stop the repossession. The sooner you contact us the faster we can start helping you.
Its free too, we would not charge you for this service.

What about the hidden costs?

We believe in transparency and honesty, all over services are free and you will be charged nothing at all rest assured about that.

What about the 24 hour guaranteed sell of my house?

We guarantee that once an official and formal offer is made by us to you the money would be arranged within 24 hours and the deal can be made, however we always deal at whatever time you wish to deal.

I have already hired an estate agent to sell my property what now?

It is obvious that the estate agent will not be happy to hear that you are dealing with someone whom he has not introduced you to. This however does not pose a problem generally and you can easily deal with us, but there are some contracts that provide the agent with the "Sole Selling Rights" in such a situation you will have pay your estate agent the amount mentioned in the contract irrespective of his involvement in the deal.

What documents regarding the house would I be required to provide?

To be filled by client as they will know more about the documents they might require.

Why is it necessary to evaluate my property?

If you are ready to sell your house, then you must be aware of the importance of property evaluation. Undervaluation and Overvaluation of your property is one of the dirtiest tricks played by the estate agents. Hence you should know exactly how much your property is worth which is suggested by a Government Certified Chartered Surveyor, so that you will not fall for these tricks.

How can I calculate the value of my property?

Evaluating your property is one of the most important aspects to be taken care of before you sell your house. A lot of 3rd party property evaluation programs are available whom you can contact to assess the value of your property. If you don't know one, we can suggest that to you too. We offer you an initial quote, after that if it is acceptable to you then we make you an official offer after seeing your property.

How much will you offer?

Even though we are 'sell fast' sort of company the offer that we make would be in the range of 95-105 % of the market value of your property. You can cross check the value offered by us with any Chartered Surveyor's evaluation report of your property.

Do I need to prepare my house for the sale?

No!! We buy houses in any condition. We take a lot pride in stating that, irrespective of the condition of the property we offer you the best possible quote.

Am I under any obligation? What if I want to cancel the deal?

You are under no obligation at all. You will never be called or spammed with emails by us. However since we believe in transparency we would like to clarify that you are under contractual obligations once you have received and signed the official deal contract, before that there are no obligations at all.

Once I call you or mail you after that how long does it take to sell my house?

Well once you 'Contact Us' and request for the instant quote you will be given an instant quote for your house within a matter of 15-18 working hours. Once that offer is acceptable and you want to move on further than one of our experts will come to your place for a detailed study of the property, its Surrounding, the condition of the house and some other small details and after that an official offer will be made to you (all this will happen in about 3-5 days) and once you agree to the formal offer then we will have the money ready in a matter of 24 days. So in all it will not take more than 6-7 working days if everything goes smoothly.

Do you have customized solutions for unique problems?

Yes! We understand that every customer is unique has will have his own distinctive problems, so we give a custom tailored solution and package to every individual client of ours. So with us you will not have to worry about the complexity or the particularity of your problem we will provide you will a complete customized solution for your problems.

How can you help me avoid repossession?

Most mortgage lenders use repossession as a last resort to recover the mortgage or any other loan associated with your property. So are not interested in your property, the only thing that interests them is getting their money back. We act as an intermediary and 'baby-sit' your repossession proceedings. You can sell the property to us and avoid the repossessions the cash after deducting the mortgage or other loan amount we will be yours. We even offer 'Buy and Rent Back Offers'.

Do you charge and fees for your services? Will I get the full money offered to me?

Yes of course, you will be give the full amount agreed in the contract. The only things that will be deducted are the previously discussed mortgage or loan amount related to the property. We do not charge any fees at all.

What type of properties do you buy?

We buy all type of properties there is not a single division of property that we do not buy. Our property purchase includes everything from flats to villas and from farms to planned, commercial and residential lands.

Where in UK do you buy properties?

We buy properties that are located at any place within UK. We acquire nationwide properties.

What about the confidentiality of the deal?

Discretion or confidentially of the deal is something you need to worry about at all. We shall sign a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" with you so that maintaining the privacy of the deal is not your worry but ours.

What is 'Sell and Rent-back Scheme'?

Sell and Rent-back is one of the best solutions that can be offered to avoid repossession. We will buy your property and pay for it mortgage or loan. Once your house is free from the mortgage lenders and owned by us then we will rent you back your property. This way you can clear your mortgages and also stay in your house.

Do you offer 'Buy Back' Arrangements?

Yes, We offer a comprehensive buy back scheme wherein you can buy back your sold property from us on specified time span of about 3 to 5 years. The Price of buy back will be defined in the contract. Once we agree to make you this particular offer than we are bound to the contract and cannot sell the property for the next 3 to 5 years whereas you are free and can cancel the deal if you don't want to.

How many contracts and papers am I supposed to sign?

All you need to sign is formal contract that is given to you which mentions that you want to sell your property to us at the agreed by you (the formal agreement). You do not have to sign any other documents.